Time for national action on education

Chris Newby, London

Teachers have had enough. Enough of education minister Gove’s proposals that will mean working until they are 68. Enough of the performance related pay that pits them against each other.

Enough of the plans to increase teachers’ workloads even further. 50% are already quitting teaching within the first five years of starting their careers.

Gove has said that he is not prepared to discuss his proposals. Regional strikes and national action in November and beyond, will be the force that can persuade Gove to pull back.

It is vital that the NUT and NASUWT leaderships build on the momentum from these regional strikes by naming that national strike day. NUT elections

Lewisham NUT secretary Martin Powell-Davies is convenor of the Local Associations for National Action Campaign (LANAC), which was formed to maintain and build a network of local NUT associations and school reps.

Martin, a Socialist Party member, has been selected by LANAC to stand for election as NUT vice-president in an election which runs from 30 October to 20 November.

Martin’s strategy to build this campaign to defend education includes:
  • Work to get every school out on a united one-day strike in November
  • Call on other unions – like firefighters, postal workers, civil servants – to strike alongside us
  • Build united NUT/NASUWT school committees to keep up the pressure for joint action
  • Sharpen up our communications – make sure that every teacher, every parent, understands why teachers are taking action to defend education
  • Campaign in our communities to broaden the support for our fight against Gove’s attacks
  • Collect for hardship funds so that no colleague feels unable to join our strike action
  • Continue our action next term: if Gove won’t step back, then we should step up to a two-day strike
For more information see: www. electmartin1.blogspot.co.uk