Election appeal: help us make history

Lenny Shail

In Coventry 19 Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidates are standing in the council elections. Over 20,000 leaflets announcing the campaign across the city have already been delivered by Socialist Party members and supporters, trade union activists and socialist voters, keen to do their bit for the TUSC challenge.

The five key demands of the campaign call for an end to austerity and the bedroom tax, a £10 an hour minimum wage, thousands of new homes and jobs and an end to the parking charges at Coventry’s Walsgrave Hospital, including scrapping PFI and all privatisation in the NHS.

The launch meeting last month of over 65 people reflected local backing for the campaign. Dave Nellist is seeking re-election in St Michael’s Ward.

Many people just want confirmation from our canvassers that Dave is standing again before instantly giving their support. On seeing us at the door some have gone straight back into their house so they can make a donation to the campaign – from a few quid or a tenner to over £100.

Working class people in Coventry, and St Michael’s ward in particular, have understood what is at stake and are responding in all ways they can to support the campaign.

Dave Nellist is also standing in the West Midlands for No2EU, Yes to Workers’ Rights – a joint list for the European elections with members of the RMT rail union and the Communist Party of Britain.


Can you help the Socialist Party make history? Over 500 TUSC candidates are now registered to stand in the local elections – the biggest left-of-Labour challenge since the end of World War Two.

We have launched an election appeal for £15,000 to help us finance both this campaign and No2EU. A proportion of the appeal will also go to assist the newly-formed Workers And Socialist Party in South Africa to stand candidates to challenge the pro-big business policies of the governing ANC in the general election there.

You can donate via the ‘Election appeal’ button on our website or telephone 020 8988 8777 to pay by card. Please make cheques payable to the Socialist Party and send to Election Appeal 2014, PO Box 24697, London E11 1YD.