Why I’m standing for TUSC

Henry Redmore, Budshead, Plymouth

The British Future thinktank recently carried out a survey which showed that 60% of young people do not plan to vote in the next general election. This is no surprise when you look at the pathetic policies on offer from all the parties of big business. TUSC stands against all cuts, for free education and decent jobs. That’s a programme that is engaging the young people involved to not just vote but stand themselves:

My name is Henry Redmond and I am standing as the TUSC candidate for Budshead this May. I’m 20 years old, a nursing student at Plymouth University and a part-time care assistant.

Thanks to the Con-Dem government we have seen exploitation and vicious, unnecessary cuts implemented throughout the public sector. From the brutal destruction of our NHS to the below-inflation pay rises, to the raising of the pension age.

I am standing to protect the integrity of our fantastic Derriford Hospital and will ensure that the services it offers will be available to everyone who needs them. If it wasn’t for our local NHS my father would have died three years ago.

The Labour-led council has done nothing to stop Con-Dem cuts. If elected I will campaign to put a stop to that. I will fight for workers’ rights throughout the city and for better working conditions for all. For a real alternative to cuts, vote TUSC!