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Steve Score, Editor of the Socialist

This year, we celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Socialist and its predecessor Militant. We are proud of our record of reporting on the struggles and views of workers ignored by the rest of the press. We have a massive advantage, though. We have thousands of potential writers, all experts in their fields: the ordinary workers and socialist activists who support us. We believe our rigorous analysis and concrete demands also set us apart. That’s why you should subscribe to the Socialist today.

“The Socialist is a campaigning newspaper that offers an alternative view to the one the mainstream media offers. It deals with issues that are really at the heart of our communities and our society. It offers hard hitting stories based on real people and real issues. If you want to get closer to the truth on events, the Socialist offers an independent view to the establishment controlled media that is keen to maintain its hold on our society and serves in the interest of its owners.”

Ian Hodson, President, bakers’ union BFAWU