Socialist Party “part of political landscape”

    On 11 October seven members of Salford Socialist Party took part in a campaign stall in Eccles on Church Street.

    We used a petition calling for an independent inquiry into the Salford Mayor’s decision to make a controversial loan of £164,000 to Salford Red Devils Rugby league club. We sold seven papers and raised over £70.

    The petition, which got 500 signatures in four weeks, is supported by TUSC and Salford Against the Cuts (SAC). It calls for local trade unionists, service users groups and community leaders to investigate this decision.

    Through our weekly stalls, Salford Socialist Party is a consistent, accessible and vocal part of the Salford political landscape. Our stall is a platform for TUSC and SAC activists to share ideas and information.

    Over the years our stalls (which alternate between Eccles and Salford precinct) have acted as a bridge between the public and campaigning groups fighting against cuts to public services, fracking and privatisation of council housing.

    We are able to link the anger of working class people against the attacks raining down on us, to a political and electoral strategy via TUSC, to campaigning tactics via SAC, and to an overarching socialist alternative via the Socialist Party.

    Kevin Corran, Salford Socialist Party