Lib-Lab political bung scandal

    Carlisle TUSC

    Labour parliamentary candidate Lee Sherriff has taken a £10,000 political ‘donation’ for her election campaign from millionaire property dealer Lord Oakeshott. Ed Miliband has approved the money, and Sherriff has refused to explain herself.

    Lib Dem Oakeshott is a close ally of Business Secretary Vince Cable, who privatised Royal Mail and rejected transport union RMT’s call to save jobs at City Link. He is plotting for a Labour-Lib Dem coalition government to continue austerity cuts, privatisation and anti-worker legislation.

    His other aim is to prevent the public from democratically deciding on EU membership, saying of Ed Miliband “He has stood firm against the clamour for a referendum with considerable courage and nous.” TUSC opposes all racist and anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies. We also oppose the EU, because it acts undemocratically in the interests of big business against working people.


    The Sherriff campaign’s acceptance of this dodgy donation demonstrates once more the futility of trade unions putting their cash – and hopes – in Labour. Unions in Carlisle and elsewhere would do much better to back their own candidates against this mercenary lot. TUSC exists to help them do just that.