Build TUSC with this paper

Alison Hill, The Socialist circulation department

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) has been granted its first ever election broadcast. This gives us a fantastic opportunity to get out and explain the details of our alternative to austerity.

One of the best ways of showing people what TUSC and the Socialist Party stand for is selling the Socialist. Every week there’s extensive coverage of TUSC campaigning. We also carry clear explanations of the socialist alternative to the never-ending diet of cuts and privatisation dished out by the main parties.

Where else would you find extensive figures for where all the money would come from to defend – and expand – the NHS? The Tories boast they will spend more on the NHS by launching more savage cuts on benefits and services. Labour has little better to offer.

But the Socialist suggests nationalising the big pharmaceutical companies, ending privatisation and clawing back the profits leeched off the NHS. We’ve run the numbers and we have a strategy to win.

Every week leading up to the election the Socialist will carry a detailed explanation of TUSC’s alternative to cuts and privatisation. In education, health and all public services – we don’t have to continue bearing cut after cut.

We can end unemployment, poverty wages and the scourge of zero-hour contracts. We can defend trade union rights. And we can provide decent, affordable housing for all.

Everybody interested in what TUSC stands for should be sold a copy of the Socialist and asked to subscribe. After the election, where better to read analysis of the results from a workers’ point of view than in the pages of the Socialist?

Use the new subscription leaflet to promote the special election offer of six issues for £5 (see below). Use the collectors’ cards which have just been distributed to keep track of your sales and donations. And tell us about how you are selling the Socialist on election activities, in your neighbourhood, at work, at school and college.

Send us your pictures and success stories!

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