Come to Socialism 2015

Calling all anti-austerians, trade unionists, Corbynistas, socialists and members of the 99%.

Come to Socialism 2015

A weekend of discussion and debate, 7 & 8 November, central London

A debate is taking place – how can we fight austerity, can it be stopped, what is the alternative, who are our allies in this struggle, who are our enemies, what type of world do we want to live in, what can we learn from the history of resistance, what can we learn from Greece and other movements against austerity.

This debate is taking place on campuses, in workplaces, in meetings, in the pub.

Socialism 2015 will bring together around 1,000 people – involved in both the debate and the movement. Among them will be students, trade union activists, housing activists, long-standing socialist fighters from the days of Militant (forerunner of the Socialist Party who were expelled from Labour for standing with the working class), people who are new to socialist ideas and curious, and many, many more.

We will discuss and debate ideas and how they can help guide the mass anti-austerity movement we need to build.

Who was Leon Trotsky and why is everyone who challenges the Blairites dubbed a Trotskyist? Is Marxism still a relevant tool for anti-capitalism?

And what can we learn from each other – people who 20 years ago played leading roles in the anti-poll tax movement that led to Thatcher’s downfall, people who are today playing a pioneering role to organise unorganised super-exploited workers, and others both suffering from and fighting the vicious austerity agenda.

Socialism 2015 is a weekend of discussion and debate on how to fight austerity and change the world. It takes place in London on 7 and 8 November.

Keynote speakers so far include:

  • Socialist Party general secretary Peter Taaffe, author of Marxism in Today’s World and The Rise of Militant,
  • Paul Murphy, Anti-Austerity Alliance TD (MP) in Ireland and leading figure in the campaign of mass non-payment against the water charges,
  • Jawad Ahmad, singer and activist in the International Workers and Youth Movement in Pakistan,
  • Andros Payiatsos, Greek socialist from Xekinima, at the heart of mass struggles against austerity, and
  • Hannah Sell, leading socialist activist and author of Socialism in the 21st Century.
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