International news in brief

Austria: Socialists organise refugees’ solidarity…

On 3 October around 150,000 people filled the city centre of Vienna to fight for the rights of refugees. It was an unprecedented sign of solidarity and strength. SLP (CWI, Austria) had an awesome contingent, and brought dozens of students and parents from schools to the demo.

A SLP member led a huge part of the demo from a truck, tirelessly agitating and spreading our ideas for hours, and receiving enthusiastic responses.

See article – ‘Refugee crisis, solidarity and resistance’ by Sebastian Kugler, SLP on

… and in Greece too

Xekinima (CWI, Greece) comrades are campaigning in solidarity with the refugees that arrive daily in Greece, organising help and local networks to deal with the situation. The response from the poorer neighbourhoods is very positive.

Brazil: ‘Yes to water! No to profits!’

Demonstration (above) in São Paulo against the sacking of more than 600 workers from Sabesp (the water and sewage company), including LSR (CWI, Brazil) member Marzeni Pereira.

The struggle is also for water rights for the people in the context of the worst water crisis in the history of the city. The demo was organised by the movement “Yes to Water! No to Profits!” (launched by LSR members) and the Roofless Workers Movement (MTST), with the support of other movements and trade union organisations.