Crown Packaging Unite convener: “Fight to keep this plant open”

250 workers at Crown Packaging in South Wales were dropped a bombshell last week with the announcement that the plant, which has been a landmark in Neath for almost 80 years, is to close due to alleged ‘overcapacity’.
The loss of these relatively well paid jobs would have a big impact not just on the workers and their families but also a knock on effect on this small town.
Wayne Davies, Unite convener at the plant spoke to Alec Thraves:

“These are well paid jobs and there is virtually no chance of getting similarly paid jobs in this area. A lot of our members have worked at the ‘Box’ for decades and this is a devastating blow for them, as it is for those with just a few years service. That’s why we need to do all we can to fight to keep this plant open and ensure a future for our members and their families.”

This multinational company has no loyalty to its workforce and will have no hesitation in switching production to its other European plants. If Crown Packaging is determined to end decades of manufacturing at the \’Box\’ then Unite must demand that the Welsh government steps in to provide the financial resources to save these jobs and prepares a new plan of production, publicly owned and controlled, that can secure a future for these workers.