Thousands march around the country against the bombing of Syria

Following the decision by Parliament to join the US led bombing of Syria, thousands demonstrated on consecutive days in Parliament Square to oppose it. On the night of the vote on 1 December and then again on 2 December the Socialist Party joined the young, angry protesters.

The Socialist – featuring analysis of the conflict and the demand for workers’ unity against war, terrorism and racism – was snapped up with 265 copies sold. Over 50 signed up to find out more about the Socialist Party.

On 3 December, 250 people attended a demonstration in Leeds against the bombing.

Huge anger

There was huge anger at the actions of Leeds Central MP, Hilary Benn, who has acted as a figurehead for those Labour MPs who wanted to support Cameron in bombing Syria.

It was ridiculous that he, as a pro-war MP, summed up the debate on behalf of the majority of anti-war MPs. In Walthamstow, east London, hundreds demonstrated outside the constituency office of MP Stella Creasy after she voted to bomb Syria (see page 11).

The Socialist Party also took part in protests in Leicester, selling 40 copies of the Socialist, and many other towns and cities across the country.

There is a national demonstration against the bombing called by the Stop the War Coalition in London at 12pm on 12 December.

Socialist Party members