2015 marks best fighting fund total this century!

Ken Douglas, Socialist Party national treasurer

Last year, Socialist Party members smashed all 21st century records for raising fighting fund! Following a record Socialism 2015 appeal, our members and supporters have donated and raised over £39,000 in the final quarter of the year.

This means that the total for the whole of 2015 is also a record-breaking one – over £123,000.

This is the highest total since the millennium and is a huge achievement. The Socialist Party has no rich backers and relies solely on the donations and support of ordinary working-class people.


Our members have worked hard and made great sacrifices to achieve this total because we know how vital these funds are to help finance our campaigning.

Branches worked tirelessly right up to Christmas on campaigning stalls, with Wirral branch raising over £700 in the last three weeks. Christmas parties were also good fundraising opportunities.

Lambeth branch raised £50 raffling a hamper, Llanelli raised £60 with a Christmas quiz and Chesterfield branch has raised nearly £200 with their 2016 calendar commemorating workers’ struggles.

As the articles in this paper make clear, 2016 is going to be a year of struggle.

The Socialist Party will be in the forefront of the fight against the millionaire Tories’ cuts to our jobs and services and for a party that represents the interests of the working class.

We appeal to all our members and supporters to make 2016 another record year for the fighting fund and if you support our ideas, can you help with a regular or one-off donation?