Tories’ hypocritical green policies pledge

David Cameron correctly identified global warming for the type of extreme weather events causing floods and droughts around the world.

But the response of the Tory government has not been a drive to switch to renewable energy supplies and other green policies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

On the contrary, it was revealed just before December’s Paris climate change summit that the UK government has increased its fossil fuel subsidies to ‘big energy’ despite pledging to phase them out.

Notwithstanding the vast profits made by big energy, the government gives UK production subsidies of £5.9 billion to major fossil fuel companies operating in the country and a further £3.7 billion to subsidise fossil fuel production overseas.

Earlier in 2015 Chancellor George Osborne gave new tax breaks for North Sea oil and gas production costing a further £1.7 billion by 2020.

In his Autumn Statement Osborne slashed millions from the domestic energy efficiency scheme for householders, having previously ended subsidies to renewable energy companies.