Socialist Party discusses the fight for socialism around the country

Socialism 2015 Saturday rally, photo Senan

Socialism 2015 Saturday rally, photo Senan   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Three regions of the Socialist Party have held regional conference so far this year, below are reports of each:


Socialist Party members from the southern region met up on the 17 January for their regional conference. It was a great turnout with some new faces.

Deputy general secretary Hannah Sell examined the battle in the Labour Party and the possible directions it could take, leading to a new situation in Britain.

Contributions from the floor included anti-cuts councillor Keith Morrell who spoke of the lack of fight among local councillors.

The Southern region is steadily building, with a new branch in Basingstoke and one being set up in Didcot. The whole meeting was buzzing with fight and enthusiasm. A great political start to the year ahead.

James Bibey, Reading and Bracknell Socialist Party

West Midlands

West Midlands Socialist party held a very successful conference on 16 January attended by over 60 people, in which national, international and local political developments were discussed.

Following an afternoon session on how to build the Socialist Party in the region over £1,200 was raised in the collection, on top of bookshop sales and money raised through catering.

Mark Best


Socialist Party members from across London attended a regional conference on 24 January, discussing the political landscape in London since the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Party leader. In the afternoon there were commissions on key issues affecting London like housing and council cuts with further discussion on building the Socialist Party.

There was a great mood from those present as contributions were made by young members, trade unionists and campaigners detailing the work they are involved in and ideas on building future campaigns.

The mood was supplemented by a tuck shop which added to the £822 raised for the party’s fighting fund on the day.

Scott Jones, East London Socialist Party