David Cameron recently attacked Muslim women. He apparently said the “traditional submissiveness of Muslim women” is a cause of terrorism. His answer was English language training – which his government has cut the funding for. More detail on Cameron’s latest racist efforts in our editorial.

Nabeela Zahir @NabeelaZahir

British Muslim women responding to Cameron’s recent comments #TraditionallySubmissive (tweets are in English by the way)

Shelina Janmohamed@loveinheadscarf

My four-year-old girl asked me why @David_Cameron is closing libraries: “Doesn’t he know books make you clever?” She’s not #TraditionallySubmissive

Asmaa Malik @asmaam

My mom was so #TraditionallySubmissive she left home to go to med school in 1960s Pakistan. Thanks her, I’m a journalist and a professor

Karueein University, photo by @JamillaTweets (Twitter)

Karueein University, photo by @JamillaTweets (Twitter)   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Jamilla @JamillaTweets

The University of Karueein (pic above), the oldest in the world. Founded by a Muslim woman. #TraditionallySubmissive

Sofia Ahmed @sofiaahmed1

My earliest memory as a child was watching my #TraditionallySubmissive mother protect us from getting beaten up by racists