Invigorating and inspiring South West day school

Ryan Aldred, Plymouth Socialist Party

On 28 February, Plymouth Socialist Party hosted a day school with new members from Truro, St Austell, Exeter and Bristol in attendance. We were also pleased to welcome members of Momentum into our inclusive discussions which gave an introduction to Marxist philosophy and economics.

We held commissions covering a range of aspects of party building including recruiting to the Socialist Party, how to run a successful campaign stall and various ways of raising fighting fund such as our Comrade Dine With Me evenings.

Even in the lunch break political discussion continued on our successes in Ireland where, by the afternoon, we had achieved a third TD (MP) in the general elections.

Everybody left the school feeling invigorated, inspired and even more confident of our ideas. We now hope to see a rise in the strength of the Socialist Party in the South West, a rise in new members and a further rising of the ideas of socialism. We’ll keep the red flag flying here!