All you need is love – and a stall!

Iain Dalton, West/North Yorkshire Socialist Party organiser

“I love the Socialist Party!” exclaimed one young woman who saw our stall in Harrogate on 23 March campaigning in support of the junior doctors.

In the normally quiet spa town (with a Tory MP and not even one Labour councillor), our campaign in defence of the NHS was a breath of fresh air.

Many NHS staff, including some junior doctors, stopped by the stall, glad to see that someone was building support for them. One or two even recognised us from the junior doctors’ picket line at the local hospital.

With bold posters on each side of the stall, and plenty of literature about our strategy to build support for the junior doctors, many people were happy to give donations to help with our campaigning efforts. We also achieved a record breaking sale of 29 copies of the Socialist, with two people leaving their contact details for our next meeting.

All of this is vital for the Socialist Party to be able to build our membership and support for our ideas to defend the NHS. Every new member and penny we collect helps us move further towards that goal. If we can build support in sleepy Harrogate, we can build it anywhere!