We Won’t Pay Campaign

WWPC GREETED the fact that the bills won’t go out this year as a “victory for non-payment” but added: “this does not go far enough. The charges should be completely scrapped, not just delayed for another 12 months. As long as the threat of water charges looms, so will the threat of mass non-payment.”

We Won’t Pay meetings in the communities are going ahead. On the night the postponement decision was announced the campaign held its first ever meeting in Larne, a small town north of Belfast. The 40 people who showed up were sceptical about what the politicians will or will not do once the Assembly is set up and were clear that the only way to guarantee the defeat of the charges is to continue to build for non-payment.

A planned demonstration on 31 March is going ahead, with the focus of attention now on the local politicians rather than on the British direct rule ministers.

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We Won’t Pay!

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