Jaime Davies speaking next to a statue of Nye Bevan

Jaime Davies speaking next to a statue of Nye Bevan   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Jaime Davies, TUSC candidate, South Wales East

TUSC is standing widely across Wales in these elections to present working class people with a real alternative to austerity politics and in an attempt to stop Ukip from gaining in Wales with their false anti-establishment rhetoric.

We have been taking to the streets campaigning against NHS cuts, for the democratic nationalisation and public ownership of steel and rail, for a real living wage of £10 an hour for all workers and against the huge cuts to public services imposed by Westminster.

On the doors, campaign stalls in town and city centres and at hustings events, we have received a great response to our strategy and programme.

It has been quite easy to expose Ukip. They are not in favour of nationalising steel. They are also parachuting in failed ex-Tory MPs like Mark Reckless who leads their list in South Wales East.

The majority of people we have spoken to agree with us and some of those taken in by Ukip have decided to switch their support over to us. We were so successful at one hustings that a lot of the Labour Party members there said they would vote for TUSC in the regional list!

I exposed the record of Mark Reckless as a Thatcherite Tory MP who voted to privatise the English NHS and abolish EMA in England. We have been able to explain how Ukip’s failure to clearly call for the democratic pubic ownership of steel is typical of their true ideology.

We produced a leaflet about Ukip with Margaret Thatcher’s face on it, asking if people really want people who share her politics representing them in the assembly. Let’s not forget how Nigel Farage once proudly proclaimed that had Thatcher been getting into politics now, she would join Ukip.

Whatever our vote in this election, we hope to accomplish our objective – to use the campaign as a platform for our ideas and tactics, to present a real anti-establishment working-class alternative and to stop the advancement of Ukip as much as possible.