Them and us fishes, image by Suzanne Beishon

Them and us fishes, image by Suzanne Beishon   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Super-rich supercars

The property developer son of a Tory MP has finally received justice for an accidental scratch to one of his many luxury cars. A tractor driver bumped him after hitting a pothole. The driver’s insurer has had to pay out almost £46,000 in repair and legal costs.

Charles Gow’s McLaren 12C supercar received cosmetic damage in the accident. The poor soul was reduced to hiring a Mercedes coupé because a temporary Ferrari was not available.

Apparently the Aston Martin Vanquish, Aston Martin DB7 and BMW M5 he also owns are all too ‘common’ to actually be seen out in.

Cycle couriers suffer

Meanwhile, cycle couriers have a fight on their hands just to receive basic employment rights.

Delivery cyclists are not entitled to the minimum wage, sick pay or annual leave. This is because – like Uber drivers – their bosses consider them ‘self-employed’ contractors rather than employees. The result is that bosses take all of the profits, but none of the risk.

Four couriers in trade union IWGB – which also organises some London cleaners and security guards – are pursuing an employment tribunal.

The Socialist offers their campaign full support. No to casualisation and the ‘gig’ economy. For flexible working on our terms, not the bosses’. For a real living wage and full employment rights for all from day one of employment.

“I’ve spent the past ten days speaking to business leaders, employers and entrepreneurs to reassure them”

London’s Blairite mayor Sadiq Khan gets his priorities straight following the Brexit vote (Evening Standard, 4 July)

“If you have nothing, why would you vote to keep things as they are?”

Spoof news reporter Jonathan Pie (actor and comedian Tom Walker) shows more insight than many politicians on the Brexit vote

Cameron resigns

24 June 2016

Johnson withdraws

30 June 2016

Farage resigns

4 July 2016

84% – Majority of the public which wants EU migrants to be allowed to stay, according to a new ICM poll

77% – Majority of Leave voters who want EU migrants to be allowed to stay (same poll) – hardly a victory for the far right

“This rebellion wasn’t caused by racism or a paroxysm of infantile anger. It was considered. The workers spied an opportunity to take the elite that despises them down a peg or two – and they seized it”

Right-wing bosses’ mag the Spectator catches up with what the Socialist has been saying for months

“The big business-owned media’s ‘awakening’ about racism has class motives and is temporary. They want to turn this against all Brexit voters.

“We say, stop demonising the working class. It is working class struggle that has challenged racist divisions”

Last issue of the Socialist, ‘United working class resistance can cut across racism