Short stories from other sections and co-thinkers of the Committee for a Workers’ International, the global socialist organisation which the Socialist Party is affiliated to.

USA: Socialist Students launched

Socialist Students USA

Socialist Students USA   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Student members of Socialist Alternative (US co-thinkers of the Socialist Party) have been to the forefront of key campaigns for fossil fuel divestment, against sexual assault on campus, the #MillionStudentMarch for free college last year, and Black Lives Matter on campuses.

As a result of these struggles Socialist Alternative is launching Socialist Students, a nationwide initiative to help build the socialist movement in schools and on campuses across the country.

Hong Kong: Multinational takes socialist to court

Sally Tang

Sally Tang   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

CWI member Sally Tang Mei-ching will appear in court on 1 September in a case brought by Hong Kong’s scandal-prone transport and property corporation, MTR. She is charged with two offences that carry the maximum penalty of six month’s imprisonment and a HK$7,000 (£685) fine. This is a clearly a case of political persecution against a spokesperson for a well-known anti-big business and anti-establishment political organisation.

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World Social Forum 2016

CWI members at the 2016 World Social Forum

CWI members at the 2016 World Social Forum   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Tens of thousands of people gathered in Montreal, Quebec, for the 2016 World Social Forum (WSF), held between 9 and 14 August.

CWI members from Quebec, Canada, the US and several other countries were present throughout the event, holding a campaign stall and several meetings and workshops. Over 70 people participated in our first and very successful meeting, dedicated to the need for a political alternative to capitalism.