A Socialist Students stall, photo Socialist Students

A Socialist Students stall, photo Socialist Students   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Sussex Uni, Brighton

Sussex University Student Union’s efficient security operation made sure that we couldn’t set up our Socialist Students stall near any official stalls, so we had to run it from the subway under the A27. This stopped us getting sunburnt, but didn’t stop us talking to loads of people, new students and university workers.

Many students were keen to set up a Socialist Students society on campus – one that’s prepared to campaign on issues which matter to them and isn’t a dry debating society.

We also had discussions with many international students, who had been watching developments in the Labour Party and wanted to know what we thought.

In total, over 30 people gave their contact details, which will help establish a fighting Socialist Students group at Sussex.

Ivan Bonsell

Hillsborough College, Sheffield

Me and fellow Socialist Party members Alistair, Tim and Michael took our campaign stall to Hillsborough College freshers fair.

We set the table just outside the college entrance and were blown away by the students’ positive response to our campaigns. Many signed our petitions supporting the junior doctors action, Jeremy Corbyn’s reelection, and for the abolishment of zero-hours contracts.

Many students were interested in socialism, with 17 leaving their details to find out about joining the Socialist Party and nine copies of the Socialist sold.

The students had some fascinating stories to share and were very happy to show support for our campaigns. Not bad for a couple of hours on a Thursday lunchtime!

Callum Hall

Waltham Forest FE colleges

Socialist Party members were at all three colleges in the London borough of Waltham Forest when students started earlier this month. Dozens of students signed up to Socialist Students.

They were angry over issues such as racism and the outrageous cost of going to university. Many were inspired by Black Lives Matter and Jeremy Corbyn and were interested in socialist ideas.

When one new student saw the #KeepCorbyn strap at the top of our petition she said: “Oh my god, I love Jeremy Corbyn”! Lots of school student members of Waltham Forest Socialist Party have started college in east London, and we plan to replicate the dynamic discussion and campaign group they had built in Waltham Forest at their new colleges too.

Ian Pattison

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