Anti-Trident demo, photo Paul Mattsson

Anti-Trident demo, photo Paul Mattsson   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

A Trident missile misfired last June, just weeks before an alliance of Tories and Blairites voted to renew the nuke system. The Tory government now faces accusations of a cover-up.

The unarmed test launch veered away from Africa towards the United States. Of course, in a real launch, landing anywhere – targeted or not – would be a horrifying catastrophe.

Trident submarines will cost over £30 billion a year to replace. Even normal operation costs £2 billion a year.

The Socialist opposes renewing civilisation-ending bomb stockpiles. Scrap Trident, and guarantee the employment of its workforce on socially useful production. Divert the funding and retool the arms factories to achieve this.