'I, Daniel Blake' by director Ken Loach

‘I, Daniel Blake’ by director Ken Loach   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Delia Hazrati, Canterbury Socialist Party

Socialist Party members recently organised a film night instead of our usual branch meeting – the film was ‘I, Daniel Blake’. Beforehand we sold 17 copies of the Socialist outside the venue.

In the film we see Daniel have to jump through surreal hoops to get his ’employment and support allowance’ appeal. Stats show that 55,900 people have successfully won their appeal against their ESA being denied. It was a great film, very real and splattered with dry humour.

The film was accompanied by a Q&A with local Green Party, Labour Party, Momentum and Socialist Party members involved. Questions were asked as to why Labour councils are carrying out cuts and we discussed on how charities are picking up the pieces.