Postal workers fight closure

As postal workers nationally voted overwhelmingly for national strike action, The Socialist received this report of strike action in Derbyshire.

ON 30 MAY there was a lively picket/demonstration of Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) members on both sides of a busy trunk road against the closure of Heanor sorting office in Derbyshire. Many passing drivers beeped their horns in support of the pickets.

This was the first day of a four-day strike, as Royal Mail management want to move the sorting operations to the nearby town of Ilkeston.

Area Delivery Rep Chris Sheldon spoke to the socialist: “After looking around in trying to make cuts in larger sorting offices such as Burton upon Trent, management decided the axe will fall on us. This will mean closing a virtually new building.

“They say it is a business decision but there has been no consultation with the workforce and local people. We already know, despite the management promises of no job losses, not all the workforce will be able to carry on their same duties at Ilkeston.

“This is all part of the national Royal Mail strategy in cutting terms and conditions, when postal workers already earn £80 per week below the national average. They want to bring in bonuses, which will be based on regional and local targets and at the same time take away additional shift benefits for working before 6.30am.

“They also want to increase the number of leaflets we can be asked to deliver from three to five, without extra pay.”

Brain Loader, Derbyshire Socialist Party
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