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Nottinghamshire nurse and Unison rep

I am a registered nurse in a community hospital in Nottinghamshire and a Unison rep.

On our ward there is very much a family feel among us all and we pride ourselves on providing excellent care. It’s an amazing place to work.

While I was away at the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) summer school in Barcelona, the ‘powers that be’ came into the ward to announce we are being closed down!

At first there were many tears of despair, workers felt frightened, alone and helpless and they were straight on the phone to me. But with the help of Socialist Party members we started to campaign right away and this despair has quickly turned to anger. By the following day you would be forgiven for mistaking them as revolutionaries!

Technology means that international messages of solidarity were quickly pouring in.

With no plans for a replacement service there will be many people with long-term neurological conditions that will be left stranded in our community relying on inadequate private home care.

We have already started a campaign to oppose this and I have already been attacked by management for posting the truth on Facebook.

The staff understand that the fightback can only come from us, and by taking the campaign out into the community. They are greatly emboldened by the messages of support from CWI members, which shows the power of international socialism.