For free education, photo Isai Priya

For free education, photo Isai Priya   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Tom Costello

Millions of young people face a future of only insecure work and a lifetime of debt. They’re being repelled even further from the Tories’ politics. May’s government is weaker than ever. By contrast, Corbyn’s anti-austerity, pro-worker politics have resonated with young people all over the country and inspired thousands into action.

In a pathetic attempt to undermine this, just prior to Tory conference May announced that tuition fees would be ‘frozen’ at £9,250 a year, with the repayment threshold being raised to £25,000. It goes without saying that this is nothing more than a desperate attempt to tap into a radical mood that the Tories will not and cannot have anything to gain from.

The capitalist class has fewer and fewer places to run or hide. Corbyn’s general election manifesto drew fear straight into their hearts and the ‘weak and wobbly’ condition of the Tories means they’re not a stable voice for the bosses either.

Students must organise and strike together now to put the final nail in the coffin of this corrupt Tory government. A great start would be for students nationwide to get together to demonstrate and send out a clear message – the Tories have no mandate to govern in the eyes of young people!

On 22 November, Socialist Students, with the full support of the Socialist Party, will be staging protests at university campuses across the country as part of an initiative to build a national fightback for free education and the cancellation of student debt. Join us!

23.11.17: For photos of some of the protests on 22nd November, click here for the Socialist Students website