Them and us fishes, photo Suzanne Beishon

Them and us fishes, photo Suzanne Beishon   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Raise for uni boss…

The head of Bath University has had a raise – bringing her total compensation package to £468,000.

The vice chancellor’s salary hike is £17,500. That’s more than a full-time worker would earn in a year on the Living Wage Foundation’s recommended £8.75 outside London.

And who awarded Glynis Breakwell this increase? The university’s remuneration committee. Which included… Glynis Breakwell.

… wages won’t recover

Pay will still not have recovered to pre-crisis levels by 2021. The Institute for Fiscal Studies reckons wages will be “nearly £1,400” lower than predicted just last year.

Its director Paul Johnson said “we are in danger of losing not just one but getting on for two decades of earnings growth.”

No tax for Cadbury’s…

Mondelez – the US owner of chocolate maker Cadbury’s – made £2.1 billion profit last year, says the Sunday Times. How much did it pay in UK tax? Almost nothing.

Mondelez UK paid just £122,000 on profits of £22 million – that’s 0.6% tax. Meanwhile fellow Mondelez subsidiary Vantas International paid £0 on its £442 million of income.

Christmas dinner could cost you nearly a fifth more this year, photo by Ruth Hartnup/CC

Christmas dinner could cost you nearly a fifth more this year, photo by Ruth Hartnup/CC   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

… food prices up

The price of groceries is growing, though, as bloated bosses make us pay for high import costs.

Tea and coffee was 8.5% pricier this October than last. Meat was up 3.9%. Healthy eating’s no good either – vegetable costs rose 5.7%.

And a separate survey by Good Housekeeping found ingredients for even the cheapest Christmas dinner are 18% dearer than 2016.

The general rate of price increases is 3% according to official ‘CPI’ inflation – or 4% according to the more comprehensive ‘RPI’ measure.

57-room mansion …

Multimillionaire model Tamara Ecclestone lives in a £70 million, 57-room compound, the Evening Standard reports. It’s in Kensington Palace Gardens – you know, round the back of Prince William’s gaff.

The daughter of Formula One billionaire Bernie also has a staff of 50 – a staff of 50 – to manage her life. But, she revealed, she does her shop at discount retailer Costco. Playing at budgeting seems to be a hobby.

… £1k homeless fine

Stoke City Council has proposed a novel solution to homelessness: fine people in tents £1,000.

Of course, trying to get a grand out of every tent dweller in the city centre makes perfect sense. Why are socialists always pointing to the wealth of the super-rich?

Obviously it’s people who have to live in tents who have all the money.