March to defend Glenfield heart unit 11 February 2017 photo Steve Score

March to defend Glenfield heart unit 11 February 2017 photo Steve Score   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Steve Score, chair, Save Glenfield Children’s Heart Centre campaign

A grassroots movement is continuing to build up against the grievous bodily harm being committed against the NHS by the Tory government.

Hospitals, wards, A&Es and many different NHS services are threatened with closure or downgrading due to cuts.

In towns and cities across the country protests are taking place every week. In the East Midlands, for example, there has been a massive campaign to save the Glenfield Children’s Heart Centre.

As we go to press, NHS England is due to announce on 30 November whether it will close it. Campaigners will gather in Leicester city centre to either celebrate a victory or proclaim that the battle goes on.

If we win, it will be the result of people power and a campaign that has involved thousands. If the decision goes the wrong way it will not be the end of it. We will step up the pressure on this weak and divided government.

A fully funded, fully public NHS can be won by national action. If the Labour leadership and trade unions were to call for a mass demonstration on the NHS in the new year, and coordinated strike action, the Tories could be defeated!

Save our NHS!

Protests on Saturday 2 December include…

Huddersfield, Yorkshire

Assemble 11.30am at Reinwood playing fields, then march to Huddersfield Royal Infirmary

Totnes, Devon

Assemble 11am at the Seven Stars Hotel, The Plains, Totnes

North Shields, Tyneside

Assemble 12 noon in North Shields, Bedford Street