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The coronavirus crisis has laid bare the class character of society in numerous ways. It has made clear to many that it is the working class that keeps society running, not the CEOs of major corporations.

The results of austerity have been graphically demonstrated as public services have strained to cope with the crisis.

The government ripped up its ‘austerity’ mantra and resorted to policies that not long ago were denounced as socialist. But it will turn to trying to claw back what has been given – by making the working class pay.

  • The Socialist Party’s material is more vital than ever, so we can continue to report from workers who are fighting for better health and safety measures, against layoffs, for adequate staffing levels, etc.
  • As the health crisis subsides, we must be ready for the stormy events ahead and the need to arm the workers’ movement with a socialist programme – one which puts the health and needs of humanity before the profits of a few.

We therefore urgently appeal to all our viewers to donate to our Fighting Fund using the box below.

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