McDonald's, photo Mike Mozart/Creative Commons

McDonald’s, photo Mike Mozart/Creative Commons   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

The bakers’ union BFAWU has notified McDonald’s that it is balloting workers at six stores with a view to authorising a strike later this year.

Tristan Bentley, a McDonald’s worker in Crayford said: “Workers across the country came together to decide to ballot for industrial action. We want a better deal. We are the McStrikers, and we will not be silent, we will not be scared. We will do whatever it takes to win a better life for all McDonald’s workers.”

Ian Hodson, BFAWU president said: “BFAWU is balloting its members at six McDonald’s stores. Representatives from six stores attended a meeting and took a decision that they wished to be balloted on industrial action on issues of pay, unequal pay for young workers, and for a choice of fixed hours.

“The union is committed to supporting its members in their fight and campaigning for £10 an hour, an end to zero-hour contracts, and to give McDonald’s workers a voice.”

The stores balloted are Cambridge and Crayford, where workers took strike action in September 2017, Manchester, central London, and two stores in Watford, which is the hometown of McDonald’s global CEO Steve Easterbrook.

The ballot will close on 16 April and BFAWU will release the results of the ballot once the company has been informed of the result.