Birmingham TUSC campaigners, photo Corinthia Ward

Birmingham TUSC campaigners, photo Corinthia Ward   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Birmingham Socialist Party

On 1 May Birmingham Socialist Party held a successful public meeting about the local elections, the cuts and how councils can fight them.

The meeting was attended by around 30 people, and the discussion was introduced by Dave Nellist, ex Militant Labour MP and current national chair of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).

There followed lively and passionate contributions from the floor with people highlighting the role councils could play in supporting Corbyn’s policies by refusing to carry out the cuts and working locally with trade unions and community groups to build up an anti-cuts resistance instead.

It was noted this tactic is far from the role Birmingham Labour-led council plays.

Instead the council attacks their own workforce, with the bin workers last year and homecare workers this year.

This is more damaging to Corbyn’s anti austerity message than anything else!

The current ballot by the Fire Brigade’s Union in the West Midlands local fire authority was also highlighted.

If there’s a yes vote, firefighters will be out on strike against a Labour authority as they continue to change their job descriptions to take on roles which should be done by social care and the NHS.

Cuts are having a horrific impact on Birmingham’s communities and for some they are a life-and-death situation.

With homelessness on the rise, workers being stripped of their jobs, vulnerable people losing the care they need, and precarious conditions for many families and young people, Birmingham Socialist Party saw no other option than to stand under the banner of TUSC to challenge Labour councillors who believe it is ok to carry out the Tories’ bidding.