photo Heather Rawling

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Led by drumming-band Bangshees, Newcastle’s Reclaim the Night demo attracted lots of attention and support particularly from young working-class women who stopped to take videos.

The organised trade union presence on the march was smaller than last year but a lively contingent of young women and men with homemade placards like ‘blame rapists not victims’ and ‘the way I dress never means yes’ attended for the first time.

With excellent articles like ‘Spanish state: over one million students strike against sexism and for inclusive sex education’ and ‘solidarity with Irish rape trial protests’ at to draw attention to in the last issue of the Socialist, we sold nine copies. And a number of young women and men expressed an interest in the Socialist Party.

Lottie Hann, Newcastle Socialist Party


The Reclaim the Night march wound its way into the heart of Nottingham’s night life. Around 300 mainly-young women were on the march.

The march was led by a samba band and dancers and was very noisy. We got a lot of support from men and women on the streets.

A minute’s silence was held at the beginning of the rally for the two women who are killed by partners or ex-partners each week.

Clare Wilkins, Nottingham Socialist Party