Buy a historical biography for Christmas


    KARL MARX by Franz Mehring (575 pages) £27.99

    KARL MARX by Francis Wheen (431 pgs) £14.99

    A Revolutionary Life ENGELS by John Green (343 pgs) £10.00

    Trotsky on LENIN (383 pgs) £19.99

    Leninism under LENIN by Marcel Liebman (477 pgs) £16.95

    My Life by Leon TROTSKY (599 pgs) £25.00

    Life and Death of LEON TROTSKY by Victor Serge & Natalia Trotsky (327 pgs) £15.99

    The Prophet: Life of TROTSKY by Isaac Deutscher (3 volumes in 1. 1,638 pgs) £30.00

    The Case of LEON TROTSKY; Dewy Commission Testimony (837 pgs) £25.00

    PORTRAITS Political & Personal by Leon Trotsky (280 pgs) £19.00

    POLITICAL PROFILES by Leon Trotsky (171 pgs) £4.95

    ROSA LUXEMBURG by Paul Frolich (329 pgs) £17.99

    RED ROSA: Graphic Biography of Rosa Luxemburg by Kate Evans (217 pgs) £11.99

    WILHELM LIEBKNECHT & German Social Democracy: Documentary History Edtr’ William A Pelz (463 pgs) £27.99

    ALEXANDRA KOLLONTAI by Cathy Porter (498 pgs) £22.50

    HEROES of the RUSSIAN REVOLUTION: Lives of 8 Bolsheviks. (48 pgs Large Format) £3.00

    One Long Night by MARIA JOFFE (248 pgs Hardback) £8.00

    OTTO BAUER [1881-1938] Thinker and Politician by Ewa Czerwinska-Schupp (388 pgs) £24.99

    From LENIN to STALIN by Victor Serge (216 pgs) £15.00

    Notebook of an Agitator- JAMES P. CANNON from Wobblies to Korean War (490 pgs) £21.00

    The Rebel Girl – ELIZABETH GURLEY FLYNN (351 pgs) £12.95

    The Autobiography of MALCOLM X (512 pgs) £9.99

    CHE GUEVARA Symbol of Stroggle by Tony Saunois (90 pgs) £5.00

    CHE; A Graphic Biography by Spain Rodriguez (Large format 106 pgs) £9.99

    KEIR HARDIE – Serfdom to Socialism. Intro Ed by John Callow (176 pgs) £13.00

    MAURICE BISHOP: Grenada Revolution. Intros & Background by S.Clark & A Hutchinson (510 pgs) £19.00

    ZAPATA: Ideology of Peasant Revolutionary by Robert Millon (163 pgs) £8.99

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