Marion Lloyd, photo Mary Finch, photo Mary Finch

Marion Lloyd, photo Mary Finch, photo Mary Finch   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Marion has been active in the union all her working life.

She has worked in different government departments, big and small, and the private sector.

She is president of the PCS union’s BEIS (Business Energy and Industrial Strategy) Group and for 20 years been a member of the union national executive committee.

Marion has combined working with union activities and bringing up a family. She knows how difficult this can be and is passionate about equality for all, both in the workplace and the union.

Marion is an experienced negotiator and has led successful campaigns, including fighting to keep her own office open in Sheffield, saving 200 jobs.

As general secretary she will:

  • Unite opposition to office closures, increased workloads and job cuts – ensuring that no group of members will be left to fight alone.
  • Develop a fighting campaign to increase pay, defend our pensions and improve working conditions.
  • Reverse the decline in membership and increase local and branch resources.
  • Elect full-time officers accountable to members.

In the general election, Marion is campaigning to get the Tories out and for a Corbyn-led government on an anti-austerity, socialist programme in the interests of workers and their families.

Beyond the election we need to maintain an independent political voice for PCS as part of building a fighting union to defend our members’ interests whoever is in government.