London climate strike 20 September 2019, photo Paul Mattsson, photo Paul Mattsson

London climate strike 20 September 2019, photo Paul Mattsson, photo Paul Mattsson   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Mark Best, West London Socialist Party

Whatever the result on 12 December, we know one thing for certain – for working-class and young people the fight will not be over.

Across the world the warnings are there. Capitalism is heading toward a new crisis and the bosses are unable to stop it. It is a system driven by profit instead of what the majority of us need – that’s what leads to poverty, inequality and environmental destruction.

It’s the bosses’ race for profit that means we will need to continue fighting.

If we’re faced with a Johnson government or a coalition of pro-capitalist austerity parties we will need to fight against any attacks on our pay, rights to organise and protest, living standards, and public services. It will be a weak government, one that can be beaten back by a movement of the trade unions, service users and young people.

And if Corbyn heads a government, his manifesto will be met with opposition from the bosses against any threats to their profits. The sabotage will begin on day one through the media, the courts and their representatives in the Labour Party itself – the Blairites.

The capitalists have already been discussing how to break a Corbyn-led government by taking their capital out of the country and refusing to invest.

SSE, one of the big six energy companies has moved itself to a Swiss holding company.

We will need our own determined movement to fight against the bosses, relying especially on our power as workers through the trade unions.

What’s needed is to use the wealth and resources that are there in society. We need to take the levers of power away from those at the top and run society on a democratic basis. By taking the top 150 companies and the banks into democratic public ownership – under the control of the working class – to prevent the capitalists’ sabotage, and run society on a planned basis – a socialist society.

If you want to be a part of the fight, to improve the lives of workers and young people across the world through the socialist transformation of society, and to fight for what’s needed to win it – united working class action then you should join the Socialist Party today.