Socialist Party national committee meeting

The Socialist Party held a very important National Committee on 11-12 January, the first since the general election.

The meeting was against the background of an increasingly unstable world situation and global workers’ uprisings.

We discussed the reasons behind the Tory victory in the election, the Labour leadership contest and what is likely to happen under a Johnson government.

We need to be battle-ready for the attacks on the working class coming from the Tories. And so we had a special session on our work in the trade unions.

There was a session on building the Socialist Party. There has been an upturn in people joining the party since Johnson’s victory.

And we agreed campaigns to increase the sales and subscriptions of the Socialist, the fighting fund and membership subs too, so we have the resources to put forward a fighting socialist strategy.

Socialist Party branches should arrange now to get a report from national committee members.

We also made a plan for the Socialist Party’s national congress on 29 February and 1 March.