Anti-academy strikes growing

The anti-academy strikes in east London are growing. St Bede’s in Redbridge is joining St Michael’s and St Bon’s already on strike. National Education Union (NEU) organiser Glenn Kelly says:

“An excellent anti-academies meeting took place in Redbridge on 21 February. Parents and workers are fighting to stop local Catholic primary schools being swallowed up into a ‘multi-academy trust’ and are supporting NEU members on strike to oppose it. The local priest turned up to defend the proposals – he happens to be one of the people I’m negotiating with for the union. I put him right on a few things and let people know that the Catholic diocese’s response to our 97% turnout in our members’ strike ballot is to threaten to get a High Court injunction to rule it unlawful.”

The issues raised above are among the many reasons why it is important to fight for socialists to be in London’s City Hall. See a socialist manifesto for London and donate to the campaign for socialist policies in London’s May elections, at: