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Unite union members in the Socialist Party, and our Scottish and Irish sister groups in the Committee for a Workers’ International, held a Zoom meeting on 4 April.

They discussed developments in the union, and how to intervene in the workplaces during the coronavirus crisis.

Members gave examples from the NHS, passenger transport, local government and other services of how workers have to fight for decent health and safety in this emergency, but also to break through the mood of ‘national unity’ that many trade union leaders, including on the left, are backing at the moment.

One member raised problems that have arisen on London Buses. Public transport is considered a key service. Yet, tragically, an increasing number of bus workers have died after contracting Covid-19. Every safety measure had to be ground out of the management of bus companies. In addition, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, was urging people not to travel but not putting pressure on the companies to protect their workers.

The meeting showed that workers’ struggle continues in this crisis, but is sometimes reflected through different channels. Members made financial pledges to help the Socialist Party through a period in which much public activity has been closed off to us. But the class battles continue inside the workplaces.

  • There will be reports on bus workers during the crisis in the next issue of the Socialist