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Leeds Socialist Party meeting via Zoom

Leeds Socialist Party meeting via Zoom   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

South East London: Working-class fighters striding forward

I attended a fantastic meeting of South East London Socialist Party on 8 April – 18 attended, maybe more, can’t always tell on iPad.

But much more importantly, it was full of working-class fighters – underground, buses, education, housing, and more, plus trade union organisers, experienced socialists, and a number of new people.

Sarah Sachs-Eldridge

West London: Instead of rooms, we are paying for Zooms

We are meeting virtually, but still have costs. Instead of paying for rooms we are paying for Zooms!

We are producing the Socialist Party Workers’ Charter and the Socialist newspaper – these say what we need to fight for and how workers can get organised.

So I’ve started a room money jar to pay into (see above). If you have read our newspaper or our website and want to help us keep doing going during the coronavirus crisis, visit socialistparty.org.uk/donate.

Mark Best

Swansea: Valuable donations to keep Socialist Party going and our message heard

25 members at the Socialist Party branch meeting on 9 April – an interesting discussion on the global economic situation. We had an update on the trade union response to the virus, and reports of workers taking action.

The financial appeal garnered £820. And the people there raised their membership subs by £77, which will be valuable to keep our party going and our messages being heard.

A new member joined the weekend before, and more want to do the same in this difficult period.

Gareth Bromhall

North East: We are the working class

The Socialist Party virtual meeting on 9 April was phenomenal. Our meeting underlined how the Socialist Party is rooted in the working class.

Thirty attended, including NHS workers, carers, retail, construction, and IT. A number are shop stewards in their workplaces.

Five people have just joined the Socialist Party. Our Socialist Party members are leading struggles now on health and safety issues in the workplaces and preparing for future battles.

Elaine Brunskill

Northampton: Using technology to keep going

I came away from my Socialist Party branch feeling infinitely more positive and inspired by everyone in attendance. I’m so glad we have the technology to be able to continue meeting and building throughout this crisis. Forward to socialism!


Nottingham: ‘Packed!’

Nottingham Socialist Party had 51 at our Zoom public meeting on 6 April.

Clare Wilkins

Leicester: Workplace issues

We had a very good Socialist Party meeting – some really helpful discussion on workplace issues in these crazy coronavirus times.

Heather Rawling