The Socialist in a window in Leeds, photo Iain Dalton

The Socialist in a window in Leeds, photo Iain Dalton   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

East London Socialist Party member, James Ivens, one of the page editors for the Socialist newspaper, said:

“I spend hours each week editing thousands of words contradicting everything the government and the BBC say at the moment. It’s all lies.

“Normally the government and capitalist media mix a heavy dose of truth with a few little lies where it matters. Not now.

“Every stat, every pledge, every guarded proclamation of success – lies, lies, lies.

“Read the truth. Read how to fight back. Read the Socialist.”


Don’t shoot me for being biased, but this is the truth. The Socialist newspaper is the only place that offers an analysis of the situation and hope of what we can actually do.

Not just telling us how shit everything is, without saying what can be done about it. When I read it, I get hope and direction, and frankly that’s what we need.

Amy Cousens


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William Jarrett
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