Coronavirus special finance appeal

We need readers’ support to fight Tory failure and capitalist crisis

Money plants cash trees finance funding, photo

Money plants cash trees finance funding, photo   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

The success of the Socialist Party’s special appeal has resulted in our Fighting Fund £25,000 national target for the present quarter being achieved halfway through the campaign period!

But we need to continue with the appeal and push the amount raised higher, as lockdown restrictions mean we can’t yet return to raising money and selling the Socialist on public activities as we normally would.

We have nonetheless still printed campaign material – including the coronavirus Workers’ Charter, a schools’ advice leaflet for parents, teachers and support staff, posters demanding PPE, testing and full pay, and more besides. As well as keeping the Socialist newspaper and the Socialist Party functioning, producing these material resources clearly costs money.

Therefore, it’s vitally important to continue with the special appeal during the July to September summer quarter. Consequently, the present Fighting Fund quarter has now been merged with the summer quarter to create a six-month April to September campaign with a target of £50,000.

  • We appeal to all readers of the Socialist to help us reach this target and go beyond it – donate online at or call us during office hours on 020 8988 8777.

Very welcome donations are continuing to be made to the Socialist Party’s special coronavirus appeal.

Over the last fortnight our thanks go to: Maggie Fricker in Southampton, £400; and Dave Beale, Lancashire, £300.

Paul Couchman paid in £204, including a further £54 donated towards his marathon run (well over £1,000 in total). Paul also donated £150 to the coronavirus special appeal from savings on travel, coffee shops, etc, as a result of working from home for two months.

N Peckham donating £10 writes: “Socialist Party materials have helped me gain deeper understanding of the current situation. It’s more important than ever that this analysis reaches the widest possible audience.”

Other donations include: Bernard Davies, York £55; Harry Smith, Liverpool £50; Derek Foster, Watford £40; Ethan Grech, Cardiff £40; Nigel Gilbert, Kidderminster £40; Kieran and Hazel in Torbay £20.

Whether donations are small or large, every penny helps in getting out the party’s message on how workers’ interests can be defended in this unprecedented crisis.

Arguing for a socialist alternative is also a vital part of our paper and other material – an alternative which is attracting a growing number of people.