No to terrorism

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A horrific knife attack took place in Forbury Gardens in Reading on 20 June, killing three people, reportedly LGBT+, and injuring others. Reading Socialist Party shares the shock, anger and sadness felt by all working-class people at this tragedy.

We have proposed to Reading Trades Union Council that we organise a demo alongside Black Lives Matter protesters. We believe the local workers’ movement must unite behind the slogans of “workers’ unity to end terror, racism and war” and “jobs, homes and services for all,” to combat appalling incidents like this and the social conditions which breed them.

The answer is to build a mass working-class movement against austerity and for socialism. Whatever the causes of this crime, the capitalist establishment will try to obscure the part its system played in them.

The original BBC headline and article even tried to link it to the peaceful Black Lives Matter demo that finished three hours earlier in the same park. There was no connection, except that some protesters were still in the park and rendered first aid.

For announcements on the date, time and location of the event, check Reading Trades Union Council’s Facebook page:

John Gillman, Reading Socialist Party