Fighting Fund: Target smashed by half time – £50,671 in three months


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Pete Mason, Socialist Party finance organiser

“The sinews of war”, a cynical Roman statesman famously observed, is “abundant money”. That we don’t have.

We battle a capitalist class blessed with that ‘magic money tree’ they say doesn’t exist. But we’ve hit a marvellous milestone in our fundraising activity.

Just halfway through our six-month campaign, we have already beaten our £50,000 target for the full six months – thanks mainly to your donations to the Socialist Party’s coronavirus special appeal. Keep it up!

In addition, over £9,000 has been donated for special memorials for life-long socialists Mick Cotter and Ken Douglas.

The Black Lives Matter protesters have shown enthusiasm for our socialist ideas. Protesters wanted to make a contribution for Socialist Party placards. We raised £45 at a Bradford protest, £11 in Corby and £13 in Chelmsford and Hertford this way.

In Newcastle, someone bought a copy of the Socialist for £20, and another donated £10 for a poster. Amelia from Cardiff donated £15 after reading one of our articles, writing “because we have to keep fighting”.

We face many costs. An array of good video equipment has cost us thousands of pounds, which will help us to upgrade our weekly Facebook broadcasts. Computer equipment and Zoom subscriptions are a few of the bills that are due.

Our weekly newspaper – the Socialist, so vital on the recent protests – costs money to produce and print every week. So we need to keep up the fundraising efforts.

Yorkshire is on 107% of its six-month target of £5,100. Adrian Hook from Wakefield, a Socialist Party member on benefits, has given a second special appeal donation of £60.

Thanks also to Razina Bostan in Bradford for £20. All but three regions of the Socialist Party have made their target – special mention goes to the North West, who are on 156%.

Thanks to Paul Couchman from Staines who has received a donation for an “old 45rpm single originally made and sold for Militant Fighting Fund. It is still raising money!”

We cannot mention all the donations we’ve received, but every single one counts. Thank you.