Red flags line road for Ken Douglas

Flying the red flag at Ken Douglas' funeral June 2020, photo Niall Mulholland

Flying the red flag at Ken Douglas’ funeral June 2020, photo Niall Mulholland   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

On the day of his funeral, Socialist Party members, neighbours and family lined the street of Socialist Party executive committee member Ken Douglas, who sadly died age 58.

Always campaigning, Ken’s family secured free parking from the council on the day so more people could come.

Many wore red dresses, red ties, red masks, or carried red flags. We sang socialist songs together before a moving funeral Zoomed online.

You can read Ken’s obituary ‘Ken Douglas – a tireless and determined fighter for socialism‘ on the Socialist Party website.

Ken was our national treasurer and Socialist Party members have donated thousands of pounds for his memorial fund. This will be used to buy or do something that furthers the work of the Socialist Party in Ken’s memory.