Selling the Socialist, photo by Lincolnshire Socialist Party

Selling the Socialist, photo by Lincolnshire Socialist Party   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

Just some of the events where the Socialist newspaper was sold in the past week…


At our socially distanced Socialist Party campaign stall on 12 September, more people were prepared to stop and discuss with us. Even those who passed by gave a friendly nod.

There’s anger at the Tories. One fella said they clap nurses, but give them diddly squat when it comes to decent pay (see pages 4-5).

Another bloke looked at our petition and read out: “15% pay rise for all NHS staff – yes agree with that”, “reverse all privatisation – yes agree with that”, “socialism – yes! Definitely agree with that.” Hopefully after we meet up with him later, he’ll agree to join us.

If capitalism can’t afford a decent NHS, then we can’t afford capitalism.

Elaine Brunskill

Waltham Cross

The first Socialist Party campaign stall in the town in years.

Working-class people – young and old – were united by one thing. They were disgusted that Boris Johnson was refusing NHS workers a pay rise. And supported our demand for a 15% rise.

Nine people bought a copy of the Socialist and donated £40 to our Fighting Fund so that we can keep campaigning.

Ian Pattison