Join the Socialists, photo Paul Mattsson

Join the Socialists, photo Paul Mattsson   (Click to enlarge: opens in new window)

I joined the Socialist Party and cancelled my Labour Party membership following the class battle in the Labour Party, between left and right. The pro-capitalist right wing deliberately sabotaged Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and the progressive manifestos of the last two elections.

Like many, I joined Labour because of the drive back towards socialism, moving away from the Blairite years that saw the party achieve some of its worst results under Brown and Miliband.

However, the move to the right under Starmer is self-destruction. It provides little alternative to the Conservative Party, whose interests are completely shaped by destructive, corporate greed.

The media are hellbent on attacking anyone who dares questions the status quo. An alternative is needed.

As a young person growing up in Tory Britain, it is crystal clear that it will not cater for us. The country being shaped and manipulated before us is a corporate paradise. Rewards are reaped by corporations who underpay and overcharge, all while avoiding tax.

Youth are punished with extortionate tuition fees, growing rent, substandard living conditions, and a working environment with decreasing workers’ rights. This will be exacerbated by a toxic trade deal with the US.

I firmly believe that the Socialist Party is the alternative. In the few weeks I have been a member, weekly meetings have given us the opportunity to discuss many issues that are currently being ignored.

Join the Socialist Party and get organised politically so that we can counter the destructive measures being put in place currently, and start building socialism in Britain. A society that protects the environment, a society all of us can inherit and maintain for future generations, where public interest is made a priority.

Richard Chaves-Sanderson, Leeds Socialist Party