£71,522 raised: Thank you, we’ve smashed our target again

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A big thanks to all our readers for the marvellous £71,522 raised in our six-month campaign. That’s another target smashed thanks to some magnificent large donations, and many thousands of small ones.

Six months of lockdown and a disastrous dive in the economy only drove our supporters to raise more money to fight for a socialist alternative to the blind profit-driven system plaguing us.

Leaked reports suggest that the Labour Party is sacking staff once furlough ends to save costs, while the Socialist Party is raising record amounts due to enthusiasm for socialism.

An individual donation of £2,000 and two of £1,000 in the last few days sent us soaring over our target. These represent a huge sacrifice for the cause of socialism. We received seven donations of £1,000 or more during the six-month campaign.

But without the countless pennies and pounds of smaller donations – dropped into a collecting tin, collected on iZettle or donated via our website – we would never have reached our target. The average amount paid in by supporters in the last six months was £20.

It is impossible to mention them all. But this week, thanks go to Birmingham members for £26.33 from a campaign stall in Kings Heath for a 15% pay rise for NHS staff. And £27 collected from regular readers in Nottingham, sent in by Gary Freeman.

Thanks to three donations of £10 from Devon because of mask-making by Lynn. Nancy sent us £40: “£20 is thanks to Mary for upholstering an old chair of mine.”

The deadline for donations in this campaign is midnight on 30 September. Any money raised last minute, you have until midnight on 1 October to send it in.