Defend Bracknell Community Services

Terry Pearce, Bracknell Defend Our Community Services chair (personal capacity)

Cooper’s Hill Centre is a well-used and loved community asset – the Socialist Party says no to bulldozing it. Young people and many groups of older residents and those relying on public transport use it.

Where will they go now? Local people need community meeting places, not yet more unaffordable housing.

The Look Out play area had always been free of charge until Bracknell Forest Council introduced a £10 fee. Due to public pressure, this has been reduced to £5.

But it’s still unacceptable. Local children’s charity ‘First Days’ described this as social cleansing, with poor families penalised. The Socialist Party say remove all charges.

Bracknell Forest Council privatised the management of leisure services in 2018, giving the contract to Everyone Active. Only two years into a ten-year contract, the council is bailing out this failed provider with up to £2.5 million.

Return the management of Leisure Centre, Coral Reef and Downshire Golf Complex back to the council, no more privatisation!