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The Socialist Party stands for the rights of workers. We fight for an alternative to capitalism, to the misery faced by workers, students and young people. Every quarter, we set a fighting fund target to help fund the vital work of our party. In normal circumstances we would be raising money on our campaigning stalls, paper sales, at car boot sales and through various other methods.

During the Covid pandemic and lockdowns, we have had fewer opportunities to receive donations on the streets. But, through virtual initiatives, and the marvellous Socialism 2020 financial appeal, we ended the last quarter of 2020 on 228% of our target! This shows the confidence in our socialist ideas and the strength and unity of our organisation.

But we understand that the current period is going to be difficult for the working class and our members who are facing the biggest health and economic crisis in living memory. There are many uncertainties, including the threat of job losses and loss of income.

The Socialist Party has a fighting fund target of £25,000 for the current quarter that ends in March. This is to enable us to fund the vital campaigning work that our members and the wider working class are involved in.

Read this week’s edition of the Socialist. If you agree with our demands, programme, and the need for a political voice for the working class – then support us. Help us to reach our target.

If you are already a member of the Socialist Party, then help to develop a plan in your branch for how to reach your fighting fund target.

Donate today!

  • Visit or call 020 8988 8777 or make cheques payable to Socialist Party, PO Box 1398, Enfield EN1 9GT